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We offer Meditation sessions be it one to one, group sessions and corporate events, we supply meditation cushions, pillows, meditation straps etc as part of the service. Please email info@simplyoneness.com for details

Experience I AM (Inter-connective Awareness Meditation)

Interconnection is specifically defined as the linking of two or more networks for the mutual exchange of traffic.

We link mind to body via the breath, to create a pint of focus. Engaging the mind in this way prevents it from drifting into its preferred activity of assessing the past and predicting the future. As long as an effective point of focus is maintained the mind will slip into a state of dormancy, allowing
the meditator to become aware of the subtler, true self, this true self is void of individual identity, it is that which binds all of creation, it is the timeless oneness which is not meant to be understood, only experienced. This is the state of I AM

We have developed our own technique to guide meditators into the state of Inter-connective Awareness Meditation. If you would like more information or would like to book individuals or group sessions please fill in the form below and we will respond at our earliest convenience. This web site is specifically designed to introduce users to a simple and improved method of achieving mindful meditation. We have also designed our own unique meditation chest strap to help you maintain a greater focus during your meditation. This site contains some wonderful videos
covering subjects including, our origins, our connection to the universe as well as meditation techniques.

Meditation is a wonderful tool to help deal with stress, we have also studied this subject in depth and produced a comprehensive work book “I stress proof myself the mindful way” it is unique in its approach, enabling sufferers take control and manage their particular type of stress and its related issues.

The book is available FREE to view for site members, as is the book “Every thing about you is beautiful when you are connected to every thing else”  which Vincent wrote as a direct result of his personal meditative experience.

Vincent Montgomery is an award winning holistic therapist, he has drawn on many years of knowledge, experience and study to bring you these wonderful techniques and tools.

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Mindfulness Meditation

Experience Mindful Meditation, this 36.09 minute guided meditation session is designed to bring you to a sense of emptiness and peace, bringing you in balance with your true self. It is in three parts, 5 minute, you can go on to 10 minutes or complete the 36.09 minutes if you wish.


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