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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please send us an email and we will do our very best to answer it.

A. It should be tight enough so it can be felt throughout the meditation but should not cause any restriction or be uncomfortable

A. Some people breath onto their abdomen (low breathing), some into their solar plexus (mid breathers) some into their chest (high breathing) so the chest strap can be worn in either of these places. To make it most effective breath into the chest strap.

A. To start with I would say five to ten minutes, set a timer to make the timing easy.

A. For those that are not aware of complete breathing, it entails breathing from the abdomen, then into the solar plexus and up into the upper chest cavity. This type of breathing utilises the whole of the lung capacity. There could be an argument for using more than one chest
strap but as the requirement is to count each breath cycle we would recommend using one chest strap, as it will adequately create the necessary point of focus needed to enter the meditative state.

A. The beauty of meditation is that there are no adverse side effects, therefore it can be introduced it at any age that you think your child will sit quietly. They will quickly gain the discipline required, it will be a case of guidance and encouragement after that. It has been found that children respond very well to meditation, so I would very much encourage you to introduce it to your children as early as you feel is reasonable. They will only gain from the experience and it is a lovely way to spend quality time together.

A. The chest strap can be worn over thin clothing but is best worn against the skin.

A. Wearing the chest strap through out the day will definitely help you in your mindfulness practice.