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Let food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food

The importance of our diet cannot be over emphasised. We truly are what we eat. With the fast grow, chemical enhanced, food chain getting more complicated to navigate, we need to be even more vigilant and questioning if we are to maintain a healthy energy conducive to spiritual advancement. The promotion of the higher energies of our being are slowed by consuming a meat based diet, ( by the way, we neither condemn or condone eating meat, we will all rightly justify our own individual position in relation to what we consume, so in affect all positions are justifiable and correct ) my firm belief is that we all will, in time,
naturally come away from animal consumption and seek other sources of protein. As one who has made a living from Butchery, changing my lifestyle in this way has taken quite a bit of adjustment but I am so glad the transition has been made.

Ranting on about the positives and negatives of either side of the meat verses vegetarian debate will do nothing advance either standpoint, so I will not.

My wife and I have tried many and varied vegetable based dishes and have made the best of them available on this site for those of you who wish to introduce vegetarianism into you’re weekly diet. We started by having two meals a week, then three, then four and before we knew it we where eating this way every day. Quorn is a wonderful addition to the diet, it has come a long way from the days of when it tasted like Ghandi’s slipper, it has a much better taste, texture and variety.

Please give some of these a try, ideally use organic ingredients, you may well find that off setting the cost of removing meat will allow you to upgrade the type of vegetables you are able to purchase. This will support ethical growers and ensure you get the best possible benefit from your food.